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Behind the life of Ludwig van Beethoven

If you love the violin like I do, for sure you have heard from Ludwig van Beethoven . Beethoven was born in Bonn, the Rhineland seat of an electoral court. His ancestors were Flemish and they never expected that Ludwig van Beethoven was going to become one of the greatest composers in the history of Western classical music and a pivotal figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras.

Considered the greatest of German classical composers, Beethoven was baptized in Bonn, Germany on December 17, 1770. Following this date, his birthday has usually been quoted as December 16, 1770. The greatest composer there ever was, and ever will be, Ludwig van Beethoven is the father of Romanticism.

His works are those of great feeling, showing truly is pain and suffering he could tell not say in words.

In fact, from this point on, Beethovens childhood will be marked by his fathers cruel attempts to transform him into a music genius.

During his lifetime, Ludwig van Beethoven, was a superme creative artists and one the most influental composer in history. He became so famous that even his birthplace, Bonn in Germany, is devoted now to the promotion of the musical arts.

It maintains a municipal orchestra and arranges numerous national and international concerts, in honour of that genial man: Beethoven.

Beethoven became interested in music, in an ironic way thanks to his father. Beethovens father wasa tenor singer at the archbishop electors court, and he was of a rough and violent temper, not improved by his passion for drink, nor by the dire poverty under which the family labored.

Thats why Beethoven considered music as a way to escape the violence of his father, and during his teenager years he became to write his most amazing work. During his lifetime as a young composer Ludvin experiments much more than previous composers in his use of keys and the development of the sonata form - he uses drama and expression much more intensely than previous composers

After surviving his young years, he achieve maturity and after his 30 birthday, he composed the Eroica Symphonie and the Symphonie No.5 , while his hearing problem increased rapidly from 1801 to 1818.

In 1814 he presented his one and only opera Fidelio and in 1815 he conducted his last concert and around 1818 he went completely deaf. Throughout the Middle Period, his works displayed much strain, emotions which imitated his real life pain, sorrow and stuggle. His most famous works comes from during this period were symphonies three to eight come to live, including the last three piano concertos, his triple concerto, his violin concerto, five string quartets, and seven piano sonatas particularly Waldstein (no 21) and Appassionata (no 23).

One of the aspects many Beethoven fanatics dont know, is that at some stage Beethoven at the end of his days, left off playing and writing music, and devoted himself to the study of a popular cookery book. One day, when he thought himself sufficiently advanced in his new studies, he took it into his head to invite his best friends to a dinner prepared by himself. Obviously he quickly understood that music was a safer bet.

It is important to understand how for Beethove music is his life, and how every aspect of nature is part of his inspiration to create new violin music.

Years after we can realize that his music shows the influence of this, a style that will live forever.


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