Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.

Breakdancing Moves

Six Step

This is the basic starting move for every breaker. If you want to learn downrock, you should learn the six step first.  This description will give instructions for the basic six step and then from there you can add your own variations to make it your own style.

You can start from anywhere in the move, but for practicality we will start in the squatting position since this is where the animation starts. Start with both knees bent, you are almost sitting but your butt is off the floor, and you have both hands down on the ground. From here, lift your right hand and swing your right leg around so the bend of your right knee wraps around your left ankle. Next move your left leg back to directly behind you and straight, where you would put it if you were going into a push-up position. Now move your right leg behind you so that you are in a push-up position, except your legs are a little spread out. Now lift your right hand and bring your left leg to where your right hand had just been placed. Now bring your right leg into the crotch of your left knee so that your right kneecap is in the bend behind your left knee. Finally move your left leg back to the position you started in, the squatting position. This sound a little confusing, but its not, the animation should help to clear things up a little.  


This is another relatively simply move. This move involves a lot of balance so it may take some time for you to be able to do it well. This move is performed by tucking your left elbow into your stomach with your fingers pointing to the left side. Now you should use your right hand to spin yourself on your hand. In order to decrease the amount of friction between your hand and the floor you should use a glove or something like a kneepad/elbowpad placed over your hand also works well. The balance takes time, so keep practicing and pretty soon you will be able to do it a great speed.  


This is not a simple move to learn and it takes time and practice to get. It involves spinning on your head, and only your head. Thus this move is also dangerous since all your weight is placed on your neck. People very rarely do get hurt, but it does happen and you should be aware of this before you try to learn the move.

The first thing you want to learn to do is a head stand. You want to be able to do this very well and be able to hold it for an eternity. To do a head stand you want to place your two hands down on the ground about shoulder width apart and then put your head down in the middle a few inches up, to make a tri-pod. Then you want to kick your legs in the air and balance yourself on your head. You should try to keep the majority of your weight on your head only and only use your hands for some balance, not to hold up your body. Before you learn to do the headspin you should be able to hold the headstand for ever, and be able to freely move your legs around without loss of balance.

Next you want to practice spinning. First you should learn to walk yourself around while on your head. So using your hands walk yourself in a circle centered on your head and spin. Take it slowly at first, but eventually you should be able to do it at a decent speed.

Next comes the hard part. You want to twist your legs together, however keeping them still spread apart, and then kick them out in a twisting motion. This should send your body twisting with them. Once you can get a couple of rotations like this you should start trying to tap. A tap is when in the middle you put your hands down and kick your legs again to increase the speed and momentum. So after a couple of rotations put your hands down and kick again and lift your hands. After tapping a few times you should have enough speed to be able to spin for a relatively long amount of time. In the middle of the spin if you do things with your hands it adds style. The headspin is often done with a beanie, or a helment, but it can also be done on your bare head. No matter what you use, never practice a headspin on carpet.


The swipe is another pretty basic move, however it has many variations on it. The description I'm gonna give you is for the basic swipe. The basic move is started from the crab position which is with your arms behind you on the floor, your legs in front, your stomach pointing to the ceiling, but not arched, and your knees bent. From here (this is for a swipe going to right, for left switch everything) throw your left arm across your body so it lands on the opposite side of your body about a foot or two farther away from your body then your right arm. Now throw your legs into the air and allow them to untwist themselves. If you did it right when you land you will be in the same position you started from. The body should naturally untwist itself, if you are having problems try to help your body along. The hard part of this move is connecting the swipes. As soon as you land one you need to go into the next, and then the next. 

There are two ways to do this move. The first involves having both legs on the ground when you land, and the second has only one leg on the ground, the other elevated off the ground stretched straight out. With the one-legged you should try to rotate around the elevated leg and end up with the same leg elevated as you started with. Also this move should not require much room, if you are moving over try adjusting your hand position.
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