Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.

Break Dancing

The rap music, break dancing, DJ and the graphics - this is the hip hop culture. The break dancing is a real obsession. Not just to these, who dance every day, but also to these, who come just to watch and admire. When there is a battle the people who comes are double than when it`s just a practice. That`s said the boys I spoke to ten minutes ago. Generally speaking, the break dancing is a teen sport and every teenager can go and start practices if he is interested in that.

Not that there weren`t eight years old boys who tried training, but they quit very fast than the teenagers who were practicing. The best break dancers say that there is an opportunity to quit after the first couple weeks. Because of the level of difficulty of the separated elements, some people just take off. The terminology known as "the moon walk", helicopter or even "horse mane" doesn`t mean anything for a person who is not interested in that sport, bur for break dancers these are the most familiar words. These tricks are very difficult even after three months practices, even the "spiders" which are very important in the break dancing culture, can make someone to leave the stage if he doesn`t have the wanted motivation. It`s important to know that after each practice you have so many bruises that you will wish to be dead. The real enthusiasts, though, don`t even think of taking off and don`t miss any opportunity to dance. Despite of what all think this isn`t a male sport. Many girls come and want to try break dancing.

According to their character, they choose either the smurfing or the land dancing, but most often the smurfing. This might be because of the plastic moves, which are requested in that type of break dancing. The practices are one thing, but the battles are totally different thing. Probably, because of the plastic and the high level of moving, which you should have when you break dance. The battles are passion for good break dancers. If there are complicated acrobatic movements and frequentative rotations accompanying with audio system rhythms, this is surely a battle and it has even a great DJ. Since his part is very important, the choice of the man is very hard and takes time. The DJ must be really into this kind of dancing so he could pick out the most suitable music. As the graphics are as important as the dancing and music there are professionals in this type of work.

The battle is organized by a team. This team decides if there is a special selection or if they have to invite formations. The team parts depend on the regulation and most often they are four or six. The judges watch every move, one of which is the "air flair" - that means rotation with jump from hand to hand. "The most complicated thing is the connections between the movements", said the greatest break dancers.

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