Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.


Characteristics of Successful Homeschools

The concept of homeschools originated because people were not satisfied with the regular school environment and academic curriculum. For some communities, religion and moral ethics was the criteria influencing their choice, while others felt that social issues like safety, drugs and peer pressure created a negative influence on their kids. Homeschooling is also very popular with children who are physically or mentally challenged or require special attention. To begin with, you need to have faith and believe in your child, understand his needs and preferences.

The task of homeschooling becomes easier because children are born with an in-built desire to learn and are curious by nature, from infancy. They have a constant urge in them to continuously explore and discover and a potential to achieve whatever they desire. All you need to do is provide them with sufficient time and attention, in a secure and caring environment.

Under your care and encouragement, the child is sure to surpass all expectations. You should ensure: 1. A home school should cater to individual family needs and routine .It should provide the convenience of time and choice of curriculum and the teaching methods.

Flexibility of schedules is very important, so that you can give the child individual attention and training. 2. Create an environment of enthusiasm, which is conducive to learning.

Eliminate any source of distraction, so that the child does not only concentrate, but also grasps and retains information easily. 3. Keep providing new information, so that the child does not lose interest and get bored of repetition. Broaden his horizon and views with the aid of materials and tools designed specifically to educate homeschoolers.

4. To impart effective education, homeschools should adapt a combination of various educational practices and philosophies. Make use of all the best possible sources of curriculum available. 5. A lot depends on the mood of the child. Start teaching him only when he is ready and feels like learning.

In this way, the child will be more receptive. Trying to educate him when he is not feeling well or when you are irritated and frustrated about other things is not a good idea. 6. You should provide a warm and friendly ambience and a secure environment, which will help you to inculcate in him moral values like honesty and respect for relationships.

7. Emphasize on his success, rather than on failure. Avoid the mistake that teachers usually make of pointing out the drawbacks of the child. Instead appreciate his efforts so that he feels motivated.

Show pleasure when he achieves success. 8. Do not use promises as a motivation gimmick, while teaching and if you do make sure that you fulfill them. 9. Take advantage of educational programs conducted at various community centers. 10.

Provide the children with ample opportunities to interact with other kids of the same age, from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Join travel groups and other programs to encourage sociability. 11.

Consider alternatives and a different approach to a particularly difficult situation. 12. Keeping everything organized and in it is proper place is very necessary for homeschools. 13. Last but not the least, have trust in your childs abilities and your capabilities.

Express love, trust, encouragement and appreciation for the efforts of your child and you will see him scaling to great heights of success. Make learning fun and a pleasurable experience for him.

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Dance Instruction

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