Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.


Dating Success Why The Rich Get Richer

It's a well known and much debated economic principle that "the rich get richer". When it comes to finances, the rule tends to be that those who already have a certain level of financial liquidity tend to find it tons easier to make even more money. Given that financial institutions and investment houses everywhere are happy to have people with gobs of cash store it on their premises in return for some level of interest compensation, it's easy to see why all of this is sort of, well?true. As the saying goes, "It takes money to make money". Or at least it's a whole lot easier when that's the case.

And guess what? The exact same principle holds true when it comes to dating and attraction. People who already have lots of MOTOS (Members Of The Opposite Sex) in their lives keep on attracting more. Now obviously, there's no "First Bank Of Wildly Successful Dating" to invest in. So figuring out why the "rich get richer" in our field of interest is going to take a different train of thought.

Here are the Big Three reasons why I think things are the way they are: 1) Confidence Attracts Once a person has seen some success in attracting MOTOS, then he or she rapidly becomes very comfortable in the notion that he or she TRULY IS attractive. This kind of swagger naturally manufactures that elusive brand of confidence that men and women alike think is irresistible. I mean, once you have actually succeeded at something, there's no use in continuing to doubt your capabilities, right? 2) Options Attract Every good sales professional knows that people buy on the approval of others. If everyone else seems to be snapping up a commodity of some sort, then it must be good stuff (at least theoretically). If MOTOS are attracted to you, then other MOTOS will see that as a green light to join the crowd.

3) The Less Significant The Risk, The More Risk We Can Tolerate The financial analogies just keep on rolling, don't they? Well, they keep on making perfect sense in context so why not? Savvy investors have an eagle eye for high returns with minimal risk. In the dating world, if a man or woman already has, say, six or seven MOTOS on his or her "radar screen", he or she may not even care to add any more?unless of course someone comes along who raises the bar. Considering that in such a case one's entire social life does not hang in the proverbial balance if a prospective date happens to prove uninterested (or uninteresting), a person with a lot of dates already is relatively unaffected socially OR emotionally should an approach not pan out. After all, there's already enough "social proof" to go around already when one's Black Book has lots of entries. Somebody said, "Yeah, yeah McKay.

So how do I get there?" Just like creating wealth out of poverty in the financial world is NOT easy, there is no "magic potion" for wealth creation in the dating world either. But I do have a fascinating concept for you, that if put into practice just might get you on the road to Wild Success. Back when I was a sales manager for an IT company, I offered my teams something I called "Millionaire Training". Essentially, the trick to BECOMING a millionaire on paper is to become one IN YOUR MIND first. And how exactly do millionaires carry themselves? Well, first of all money is no option.

"Financial freedom" means not worrying about making ends meet. A true millionaire is not focused on money. He or she is FREE from that. So a MILLIONAIRE sales person isn't concerned about commission checks.

He or she is focused on the customer, doing the job because he or she WANTS to be there. Second, millionaires have NOTHING TO PROVE. Having already achieved great success, they have no need to flaunt their "money" to people.

Finally, millionaires understand their fortune and are GRACIOUS to those who are not exactly millionaires themselves just yet. Most who are TRULY successful financially are particularly charismatic people. After all, the traits outlined in the previous paragraph are INTENSELY attractive. And every single one of these traits translates EXACTLY into how a man or woman who creates WILD ATTRACTION conducts him or herself. Think about it. "Dating Millionaires" are not focused on "getting someone"-especially sexually.

They lead satisfied lives, and focus on masculinity or femininity instead of a biological sex act. Similarly, they are never NEEDY or CLINGY. Why? They've been FED. They aren't hungry. Finally, people who "get richer" in the dating world are never rude or pushy with anyone. Knowing their intrinsic worth, they conduct themselves with a regal dignity and afford others the same respect.

Does your frame of mind line up with that of a "Dating Millionaire"? If not, what would happen in your life if you visualized belief in your ability to get there? How would your approach to life change?.

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