Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.


Fisher price smart cycle

Educational toys are becoming increasingly interactive, and toys like the Fischer Price smart cycle are an excellent example of some of the hi-tech toys available in the market. The Fischer Price smart cycle is a plug and play system that is compatible with any television system with an AV (Audio Video) input system. The Fischer Price smart cycle is essentially a miniature exercise cycle that uses a unique hardware and software interface to project an interactive virtual environment on TV. The Fischer Price smart cycle records pedal strokes and allows a child to explore the virtual environment on screen. Interactive exercise cycles the world over are already utilizing a technology similar to the Fischer Price smart cycle, but the Fischer Price smart cycle is far more economically priced and is designed to facilitate learning. For example, the Fischer Price smart cycle has a virtual learning environment that allows children to pedal forward and navigate their way through an alphabet world.

Apart from recognizing and choosing the right alphabets, children also navigate their way through the virtual environment thus improving their motor skills. As mentioned earlier, the Fischer Price smart cycle has a software interface and the Fischer Price smart cycle can be switched between explore/ encounter and arcade modes. In the explore/encounter mode, a child can cycle through and learn letters and alphabets in the process.

In the arcade mode, a child can play various educational games through a joystick that is mounted on the front of the cycle. The Fischer Price smart cycle comes equipped with a cartridge slot that allows parents to switch between virtual environments. Popular interactive virtual environments include Dora's Jungle Safari, Sponge Bob's ocean adventures, Hotwheels, Barbie, Space and Dinoland. What is impressive about the Fischer Price smart cycle is that the cycle is designed to engage a child in various fun/learning activities. In essence, to ensure a child does not get bored from the same virtual environment, a parent can change the virtual environment by buying additional cartridges.

Although the Fischer Price smart cycle is not sold as a purely educational tool, it is a great way to help children acclimatize to concepts like numbers, alphabets, shapes and colours. For example, a trip to "Math Mountain" helps children improve their math skills, while "Shape Lake" will familiarise children with shapes. In addition, the Fischer Price smart cycle also helps children improve their motor skills as children can actually race other virtual characters and navigate their way through obstacles. The Fischer Price smart cycle come with a detailed installation and instructions manual, and some games will require a parent to read through the instructions manual.

The Fischer Price smart cycle is not shipped with the necessary "D" batteries (4 are required) and needs to be assembled (as it is shipped in parts). The Fischer Price smart cycle is designed for children between 3-6 years, but does not have a handle bar that can be adjusted for different heights. The Fischer Price smart cycle is competitively priced at $150.

Advantages of the Fischer Price smart cycle Apart from providing children with hours of endless entertainment and fun, the Fischer Price smart cycle is an important 'learn as you play' tool. Children can play educational games using the joystick that is attached to the cycle and can also explore the various virtual environments without being subjected to a purely educational environment. With so many virtual environments to choose from, a child can actually learn with his favourite cartoon characters like Dora and Sponge bob Square pants.

The Fischer Price smart cycle also ensures that children receive proper exercise and helps improve a child's motor skills and reflexes. Children with a short attention span stand to gain a lot from the various modes available in the Fischer Price smart cycle. To buy the Fischer Price smart cycle online visit

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