Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.


How to Minimize the Shopping Cart AbandonmentHow to Minimize the Shopping Cart Abandonment

You should know the balancing act very well if you are going to start your business on the web. You have to manage your online store free from all that hackers and other criminals and this requires a strong security. On the other hand you have to make your website a well known in order to customers find you and your location. You also have to fulfill all the demands of your customer that may require enough space for the products and you have only the website to give information about those wide varieties of products. And also you have to make your site a good looking as well as easily used by your customers in order to outperform all your competitors over the internet. A serious website might not help you to growth your business opportunities and you have to keep it always in your mind.

However, it does not matter how your site looks like but it is important, that for your customers it must provide the usability that an e-commerce site should have for business. That means you should have all the aspects a user expects in an e-commerce site and that means you must be serious to protect the customers as well as your shop from the potential dangers. The first thing a customer should find in your site is a well used shopping cart option for their convenience. It must look nice and easy for use by the customers, apart from this it must be serious and remain professional to ensure a secure ecommerce solution.

The shopping cart does most of the heavy lifting of your online store software. It helps the customer to choose the specific product, applying discounts, totaling the purchase and helps the payment for customers in such a way that they are protected from any type of identity theft. It helps in merchandise of the online business.

There are some essential features a software product should have in order to qualify as a shopping cart. Apart from these features you may add the ability for your shopping cart that it should able to analyze customer's preferences of different products or brands. The most important function of a shopping cart is to track the products from the store that customers click on the picture posted on the website. It must provide appropriate information regarding transaction, charge accordingly to the customer and then deposit the cash in to the bank account of the online store. All this must functioned keeping in view the safety of the customer.

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