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Learn to Speak Spanish Spanish is one of the official languages of Spain and most Latin American countries and Equatorial Guinea. Spanish is also one of the official languages of the United Nations. The Spanish language is a Romance language that was born from the north east area of Spain. In all 21 nations have and use Spanish as their primary language. Spanish language is thus very popular and is the most widely used and spoken from all of the romance languages, - in terms of the number of nations who say that Spanish is their official language and the number of speakers across the globe. There are many institutes that teach quick Spanish speaking courses.

There are many free language lessons on the internet. In many countries there are Spanish lessons run by private and government institutes. We can avail of these courses.

Among the best courses available are by the Spanish consulates in different countries. The Spanish language courses by the Consulates of Spain are among the best. There are other courses run by other institutes too. These institutes use the actual method of teaching the language in the classroom and the best learning modules are used. In some cases they are published in Spain. Sometimes they are published in the country itself.

There are also free and paid online courses that are interactive. Though many people would like to learn the new language the usual way of classroom teaching not everyone has the time. For them the online courses or course modules that are available in the market are welcome. They can use these to learn the language. There are audio lessons with interactive video games and the audio lessons try to make the lessons both interesting and efficient.

These lessons are molded in a way to help us to increase our ability to speak the language better. The Computer games make the learning fun and easy. The focus is on building the vocabulary. Some modules contain plenty of information on grammar and are interesting for those who love grammar.

For others too the information is interesting. These activity kits and computer games make the Spanish language learning interesting. Some people want to learn the language only for conversation.

There are many different requirements. Some people want to learn it for business purposes. There are also other requirements. There are different levels of Spanish.

There are usually the beginners, the intermediate and the advanced. Usually the courses that teach spoken Spanish or teach how to speak the language are short courses of usually a few months they teach you Spanish phrase and Spanish dialogues. There is the Pimsleur Spanish Speaking course designed by Dr. Pimsleur and the course takes you to the proficiency level through 100 20 minute exercises.

This Spanish course ranks among the best. There are many steps to learning the language and different courses take you to different levels of proficiency. The Spanish courses for conversation equip you for speaking. Other courses may equip you for writing and reading but the courses that equip you for speaking are among the most basic.

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