Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.


Titanium Watches

Renowned as the most comfortable watch metal around, titanium is lightweight, easy to care for, and is currently the hottest fashion choice in watches. Titanium Watches are favorites among watch connoisseurs and those who enjoy the finer things in life. THERMAL SENSATIONS Much the way that marble always feels cool, metals also have specific standing temperatures. When we put these metals against our skin, our thermal receptors respond to the new stimuli (the metal); cooler metal quickly draws heat from our warm skin, and the thermal receptors send a message to the brain reporting that the metal is cold.

It is the sudden change in temperature - not the metal itself - that dictates thermal comfort. TEMPERATURE CONDUCTIVITY Although all metals conduct heat efficiently, stainless steel, aluminum, and gold conduct heat much more rapidly than titanium. This quick heat conduction creates a noticeable feeling of cold when the metal is touched to our skin. In very warm temperatures, such as in hot summer sunlight, the metal quickly absorbs the outside air temperature, and increases the temperature of the metal causing a watch to be extremely uncomfortable. In the same way that a spoon left inside a saucepan will quickly take on the temperature of the pot boiling on the stove, so too will many metals when in contact with a very warm environment. Titanium watches do not experience such a dramatic heat transfer, due to the fact that titanium is a less efficient heat conductor.

Ultimately, this makes for a far more comfortable watch: The wearer of a titanium watch does not feel sudden cold or extreme heat based on outside temperature; titanium retains its neutral temperature for much longer than most other metals. Choose the best brand before you buy Titanium watches HOT FASHION Scientific information about heat transfer is all well and good, but perhaps the number one reason why so many people choose titanium watches is because of their beautiful look and continual, long-wearing comfort. No matter why you think they're cool, titanium watches are a hot fashion choice everyone can agree on.

Citizen Watches Founded in 1930, Citizen has grown from a small watch company to the largest watch manufacturer in the world. Today, no other watchmaker is more cherished and admired than Citizen. Buy Citizen watches from an authorized dealer like Citizen watches offer one of the best assortments of both men's and ladies watches.

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Learn More When you buy watches online, be sure to check size, warranty information, shipping guarantee and their return policy. About Author: James Manning is a recognized horologist authority and avid collector of watches, clocks. He can be reached at

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